Calories in 7-11

Since I started caloric control a couple of weeks ago, checking the nutrition information at the back of the labels became one of my daily routine.
Once, during the quest for 100g < 400kcal biscuits, I flipped around the entire row of snacks, which are filled with biscuits, crackers, and waffles – whole wheat, chocolate, plain, with nuts, ginger, cheese cream, oat. Almost everything stayed between 400kcal and 550kcal per 100g, just a dollar short.
A healthy male with 60kg of body mass is supposed to take 1,800kcal per day. Just 100g of  snacks take as much as one third of the daily quota is a frightening fact. Maybe 7-11 wasn’t the best place to hunt for healthy food.

Well I will not be freaked out by a person inspecting food label in a convenient store any more. That is me – I might even give a nostalgic, (sim)pathetic look.