Businesses facing extinction in 10 years

MSNBC summarized nicely. Not all MS-related company’s work sucks.
Among the dinosaur industries introduced, I am still unconvinced about the newspapers. They will not survive as they are now for sure, but watching the onslaught of Apple daily (蘋果日報) – gossip tabloid disguised as legitimate newspaper – in Taipei, probably people still need a recap of what is going on in the real world, in papers. Mobile phone does not give much detailed pictures of the crotches, side boobs, corpses, and car accidents.
Coin arcade is another example of such supposed-to-be-dead-by-now industry. They didn’t just switch Pac-man into Street Fighters, they switched the entire shop in to a family-oriented amusement park. No more dark corners and cigarette butts, but mini-pinballs, mini-basketballs, and mini-vending machines.

My list of businesses which should be dead (but probably be thriving) in 10 years.

  • Consulting (someone needs to feed the debt-ridden MBA holders)
  • Market research (this one might be doomed for sure, unless they lobby hard to force Google out of business)
  • Temp agency (the thin line between human traffickers are disappearing)
  • and Consulting.