Resident Evil: Extinction

The greatest news regarding the third installment, hopefully the last one in this year’s trilogy rush, is the return of the director Russell Mulcahy. It has been a long time since his Highlander heyday, but his taste for gory and end-of-the-world theme still live in the film, especially in the  ruthless massacre of convoy team by the zombies, who are supposed to be one of the few people living on earth.
Milla Jovovich… yes this film is her vehicle and yes she was almost 30 but she could have toned down the amount of airbrush. In some cases her perfect skin and hair went beyond excessive make-up and almost reached complete CGI like in this movie. Someone is going to post the pre-and post- version of her close-up.
The amount of her flesh was also toned down, limiting the camera angle in her supposedly naked scene, creating a deja-vu: we have seen them before in the encyclopedia, in the "evolution of human" section where the right leg is always stepping out.
By the way, at of Sep 26th, we can watch almost the entire Part2 movie on Youtube.