Yahoo or Google

Yahoo parted from Google and settled a brand new search engine.
Which should I choose for my default search tool? Both have a nearly identical interface.

Very simple. According to Yahoo, I am the world’s 100+ th most famous Isao(I don’t know the exact number, but that never matters: I know only one person who would go down more than 100 sites related to the keyword Isao).
The second highest ranked site says this: 20 year History of Isao $20 Hmm……
Look in the bright side. Po Bronson says The first $20 million is always the hardest. And I am now thirty which makes me worth $30. Better.

According to Google, I am the thirteenth most famous Isao in the world. One step closer to rule the world. There is no porno site on the road to discourage the viewer from searching more(in Google).
Long live Google.