Taiwan Day1

Supposed to blog in a relaxed mode but found out I have to do a fairly-heavy task tommorrow which I didn’t prepare.
First I thought I should abandon the blogging entirely, but remembered while blogging I won’t get asleep so easily. So I work for 15 minutes, start to get sleepy, blog for 5 minutes and wakes me up, another 15 minutes…

On the way to Taiwan. It’s a typical Sunday, not any special holiday season but we have this huge airplane and it was indeed packed. People say a lot of things about the opportunity in Mainland China but I haven’t seen a 747 flying to China as frequently as the one for Taiwan and Korea. This makes me realize that we do have established and huge business relationship with those two countries, and wonder why few people are talking about it anymore.

Cathay Pacific (no more business class..) has a reasonably tasty meal, but this time I found out the secret. The rice, fish, and vegetables are tasteless. The sauce on the top does the whole job. I can use this technique for my own cooking (if I ever start doing one) – how to cook in 10 minutes and eat healthy (or tasty).

Mobile Phone ad. In Chinese characters it is called “行動電話” – literally it means the phone that moves on its own, or the phone for people in action. In mainland China it is called “手机” – a palm-sized device, and in Japan it is “携帯” – portable device. Taiwan’s convention is closest to “mobile”, I like it, though a bit long.

Welcome sign on the TV. If my name was placed next to the “Dear Mr./Mrs. ” part, that would have been great. This is nice but a bit funny – it is like I am watching a score board in a bowling array.

Very tasty fruit. When I lived in Taiwan 20+ years ago, of course fruit were abundant but everything was rather tasteless, or thin. These days every taste is getting thicker.

Didn’t have time to dine in a Chinese restaurant, so I took this plate which is always the last (sometimes first) resort for my non-Asian colleagues. Felt like being a loser but nevertheless it tasted fine.