What would you do if you feel you are extremely frustrated for an unknown reason? It might be because you are walking your career path aimlessly, or having a dead-end (too good to leave, too bad to continue) relationship for over a year or so. No, it's not about my life. Not.

Let's laugh at life of others and get a brief, but a real, reassurance that we are doing pretty okay compared to these guys. We can enjoy a variety of the depth of life's pitfalls.

Your life rocks. Stop showing off while pretending to be a victim.

Today, three months after finally ending a long relationship with the love of my life because he was cheating on me, we are now seeing each other again. And cheating on our new significant others with each other. FML

That's not so bad. I do it all the time Grow up.

Today, at work, I noticed that my hand smelled really bad. I thought it was some new merchandise I was putting out until I realized that there was some poo in my fingernail from when I took a crap earlier that day. FML

Ouch, that hurts. Follow up with more stories — you can do better.

Today, I was on the phone with my friend, when my four year old nephew came in, asking who I was talking to. I told him it was Santa Claus, so he insisted on talking to him. I handed over the phone and I hear, "Santa is fake. Grow up." I spent the next two hours with a screaming child proving Santa exists. FML

Wow I am so, so sorry. Thanks for the great entertainment.

Today, my boyfriend asked me out to dinner, which we never do. While at the restaurant he gets down on his knees, looks me in the eyes, and pulls out a little box. He opens it and inside is a note that says 'We're Done.' He then leaves me at the restaurant with the bill and the $2.00 box. FML

That's not funny at all. Have some humor, please.

Today, I had my leaving party after work to celebrate getting a new job. 3 people turned up. I'd invited 35. FML