I watched Pandorum the other day. It is a sci-fi horror movie about a group of humans fighting for survival in a giant spacecraft. It might just be me, but doesn't that sound exactly like the masterpiece movie taken nearly thirty years ago? Every piece of online review told me not to waste my time on it, but if rules are to be broken, critics are to be ignored.

So I took a look, and of course it was a mistake. That movie kept me (and the entire audience, I believe) frustrated for two hours. The movie has countless flaws, the followings being the tip of the iceberg:

  • A hunger was cured by eating a bug
  • They showed off a laser-razor shaver (It's 22nd century. Hair removal, hello?)
  • Horrendously racist portrayal of Maori worriers with mighty skills, a heart of gold, and intelligence of a ten-year-old
  • Yet another tough girl with white sleeveless shirt

But it is the pointless and over-used tricks, the gadgets that stops working at the most annoying timing, that frustrated us most. The director (and the writers) hopelessly believes these gimmicks add tention and thrill. I am happy this movie is tanking at the box office. Someone has to prevent these criminals from making another film.

Looks like it wasn't only me: someone made a brilliant compilation of cop-out moments in movies (originally via BoingBoing).

Why am I watching, and will keep watching, these cheap genre flicks? It's all because of you, Mr. Scott.

The old (masterpiece)

The new (shovelpiece)