Blogging 2.0

So I am blogging again, let’s call this my Blogging 2.0 era.  I borrowed this term from the buzzword Web2.0. According to Wikipedia, Web2.0 means this (among several interpretations, I like this one the best)

a marketing term to differentiate new web businesses from those of the dot com boom, which due to the bust now seem discredited.

I stopped blogging because 1. I gradually lost interest in expressing myself and 2. Each blog entry took almost two to three hours of my time – I figured out that’s too much.

For the first reason, it turned out that I lost interest in a lot of things besides learning Chinese, throughout last year. Recently my natural curiosity seems to be coming back. More about this later.

For the second reason – well without any family member to support I wouldn’t sacrifice much by deducting three hours after work. It is just plain laziness.

I want to express myself and hopefully I might find some audience who are looking for some site to kill their idle time. Another thing – to polish my technical writing skill (if you want to make it sound politically correct, technical communication is handy. It is obscure, fancy, and futuristic). However I am not sure if technical writing/communicating is about writing. I will blog about this later.

Two blogs inspired the urge to write again.
Guy Kawasaki
This blog was introduced by Shanx. Concise, straightforward, full of humor. Entertaining even if you are not an entrepreneur or a Macintosh cult.

David Newberger

The followig quote shows the truth about blogging.

The most important aspect of a person’s blog is the extent to which it represents a person’s true feelings on a subject. In other words, how honest it is.