7 wonders of Western food restaurants in Taipei

Overall they provide excellent price/taste ratio. As shown below, some aspects are localized; again, in general to make things better (especially the golden rule of what is included in a course)

  • Pork knuckle is a standard dish. Any Western food restaurant has it on their menu.
  • But no signs of other (supposedly) German cuisine
  • "Course" always includes toast, salad, main dish, sweet, and drink. Appetizer is a bonus.
  • When they serve the food, clean the table, bring the bill, always Bu hao yi si (不好意思 = Excuse me)
  • English tea is part of the drink options, but Chinese tea is not
  • Definitions of Rare/Medium/Well Done are flexible. "50%" may range from bloody rare to well done. "70%" goes between rare and overcooked. Generally I enjoy the varying degrees, but am not sure if I should try something like "30" or "100".
  • Garlic is a fundamentally required ingredient. Maybe ordered by law. Get used to it.