Let go and let god

I believe god exists, but in the form of natural laws, such as gravity. Galileo, Newton, Einstein weren’t enthusiastic because they observed physical laws. They touched the truth—god. God is gravity. Thus we are part of god and god is part of us, because gravity is the power that attracts everything in this universe. And yet gravity is part of god, and god is part of gravity, and so are us… We are eternally peeling the layer of gods, a huge onion encompassing everything, and we will die smiling at the glimpse of another god—another layer. Maybe it is quantum physics. Maybe it is the blue of the sky. Maybe it is the tide of the ocean. That’s god. It is unfair, it has no emotion, it does not provide salvation. But it is always there.

The moral of this story for me? Forget god, grab some beer, watch the star, and go to bed. With someone you love. That’s god.

P.S. The subject line was originally written by Ken Wilber.