[ Technical Communication ] The future of book or a glorified powerpoint

For some reason I cannot see myself embracing this “future” book format. If multimedia truly enhances the reading experience, I would have become a Powerpoint fetish by now.

I guess the power of book lies in its limitation (you cannot do anything but to follow texts). The supposed enhancement works well as a distraction, moving me away from total immersion, where the book and my thoughts marry and live happily ever after in the subconscious realm.

Maybe I am just old school. This e-book is gorgeous, and I am sure I would stick to it longer than the e-ink version in my Kindle for a single read, but which version will likely become one of my mental partners for years, or decades, to come? I still think it’s the black/white version, which can be overwritten by my imagination for many times. Multimedia is a too strong format to be altered by my mind, and therefore, naturally resists being integrated into my psyche. The multimedia book will likely remain unchanged and forgotten, like that encyclopedia in my parents’ house.