[ Technical Communication ] Social media = know people, get the job


I am wondering if using social media actually substitutes emails and resumes or just make us closer to the person to whom we shoot those 20th-century job-hunting arsenals. I haven’t got jobs through I am not sure (I got good friends with no job-string attached)

Honestly? I think in some cases it can. You obviously need a resume and all that but since networking/who you know is THE number one way to get a job, social media and screwing the system (aka not using 20th century job-hunting arsenals) gets us in touch with these people so were not getting carpal tunnel clicking “apply” on every job application website under the sun.

Looks like I was still operating in the 20th century mindset that we need to get close to the “hiring manager.” So wrong – nowadays people make connections (=hire) directly based on projects, so knowing people equals getting the job. Thank you, it’s now clearer to me why we use social media.