[ Tech Comm ] Visualization = persuasion


This "Canvus" business model is the future, isn't it? Everything is clear, simplified, and easy to act on.

Actually, no. This model does nothing to reduce the traditional structure of business. What it does, however, is making the business model LOOK simpler. The animation does contribute a lot by persuading users to watch (=read) the instructions, which is admittedly the hardest step. But converting a model into a video does not change What (the model is about); it changes How (the model is described).

As a technical writer I often hear discussions on 3D animations and multimedia as the future of our niche industry. But the point is that if the original description/procedure is complicated, changing it into a series of slides or animation does not help much.

Technical advances do not solve the original, low-tech problem—our thinking. Before investing into high-tech gadgets, we need to polish our analog computer called brain, to optimize the task at hand Before feeding it into the software.