[Tech Comm] The Flusher Story

IMAG0025The automatic flusher, coupled with a sensor, is a great companion in men’s washrooms. It not only takes care of the aftermath of our biological needs but also cleans up the space beforehand. I know, it is not an environmentally sound practice, but we have a weird psychological habit that prefers to have the place cleaned out before we make it dirty.

The only problem, in this case, is that the faceplate is installed upside down. I don’t think it was intentional — they had to do it to install the device properly. “Go down with the pee” is what the company is about, apparently.

The sensor’s maker can only blame themselves. They should have designed the device so that the faceplate is positioned at the center of the device. Plumbers can install the sensor in whichever orientation, and the faceplate can rotate accordingly.