[ Announcement ] I’m going to be posting every day. Seriously.


(That's old me dying)

I was reading and watching this guy's history of doing scary sxxt every day for a year.


It is really inspiring, and at same time liberating – it doesn't look too scary, does it? Of course there is a huge different between doing and watching, but judging from his reaction, overall we have a lot more power inside us than we think.

There are other people who conduct similar experiments. Some take photos. Some make love. Why not me too?

I write. So I post an article every day. The reason I haven't done it in the past is because I had to (or I thought I had to) take extra steps to revise my writings contextually, grammatically, and length-wise (it is easier to write a longer entry than a short one). I thought I was being cautious. Well, now I know it is more about being pussy.

So I will be posting on a daily basis. You will see many errors, long-winding sentences, bloated ego, illogical conclusions. But there will be a new one each day. And I will get better.

So let's begin.

photo credit: DerrickT via photopin cc