[ Essay ] My Favorite Films

Here are my favorite movies. I did not pick ones that are either too famous or too infamous. In many cases, instead of the usual trailers I attached my favorite scenes. You can do a psychoanalysis of my mental state, maybe. (It got so long so I will also put this post up in my blog. I could keep going on forever.)

 The Great Escape

I don’t watch movies from the 60s anymore, but this is an exception. Three hours long but you’ll never feel bored. (And there are only hunky men.)


Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise

Yes, Japanese anime. The production company, Gainax, was launched for this film by a bunch of Japanese artists in their 20s (some were university students). For me, the hallmark of 80s Japanese anime is not Miyazaki or Akira, but this one.


Citizen Ruth

The Descendants’ Alexander Payne started from this movie. I believe Laura Dern in this film was one of the biggest Oscar snubs in history.


Raising Arizona

Long live the Coen brothers. Watch the opening sequence—one of the best (on par with Raiders of the Lost Ark).


Punch-Drunk Love

All of Paul Thomas Anderson movies are endlessly watchable, but this small-scale work is my favorite.


Shawn of the Dead

The greatest parody movie of all time. It not only pays proper homage to the original zombie movie but adds surprisingly good human drama. (The remake version of Dawn of the Dead is also my favorite)


The Constant Gardener

Watched this film in Israel with my friend. Beautiful, beautiful (but brutal) film shot in Africa. Makes us think of this eternal question: Where is our home?


Children of Men

Masterpiece in cinematography, and this is one of the best films about the coming apocalypse of the human race – yay.


The Royal Tenenbaums

You either love Wes Anderson films or throw them away saying he is hopelessly snobbish. This film is probably the most acceptable and also contains emotional moments.


High Fidelity

Everybody’s favorite John Cusack movie is Say Anything, but for me this tale of a 30-something slacker who cannot grow up is right on target. Jack Black is awesome (in his later films not so much).


Chasing Amy

Kevin Smith’s most success film to date – you get young Ben Affleck as a bonus. Sometimes too cheesy, but nevertheless a thoroughly enjoyable love film.


I Want You

The ever-prolific Michael Winterbottom’s earlier work. It is a weird love/hate story (Elvis Costello’s signature song must had been born to be used in this film) but overall, beautiful.