Weekly Update: Jan29, 2012

Below is the highlight from my weekly activities on the web.


Tales from the Net


  • "Don’t say you were a bit confused and sort of tired and a little depressed and somewhat annoyed. Be confused. Be tired. Be depressed. Be annoyed."
  • (“I was getting a haircut the other day and I saw your article”). I mention this as a reminder that far more periodical reading is done under the dryer than under the reading lamp, so there isn’t much time for the writer to fool around."
  • "Trying to add style is like adding a toupee. At first glance the formerly bald man looks young and even handsome. But at second glance—and with a toupee there’s always a second glance—he doesn’t look quite right. The problem is not that he doesn’t look well groomed; he does, and we can only admire the wigmaker’s skill. The point is that he doesn’t look like himself."
    — William Zinsser, On Writing Well


  • I am definitely not the only one who believes The Hunger Games is about the annual hot dog eating contest to choose the next global leader.
  • Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. No, I am not talking about teachers. I am talking about consultants, economists, and psychics.
  • I suspect doctors prescribe excessive pills not only for receiving subsidies but also because they actively rely on placebo effects.