First Impression: Sasha Cobra

In a cozy apartment, munching a delicious home-cooked meal, a dozen of us eagerly wait for Sasha Cobra to join the Skype call after we have watched the DVD of her bodywork. We have more questions than we anticipated. One reason is that we are simply confused because her practice is nothing like we have seen before. But the bigger reason is that we are hooked and we want to know more.

Sasha appears. She is pleasing but doesn’t please. She is relaxed but she is alert. She looks young but appears more mature than any of us. She is soft-spoken but her messages are strong. Her attitude is gentle but her focus is sharp. To summarize, she is off-balance but integrated. I keep thinking: This person actually exists?

I google my brain for the word to describe Sasha, because there is no framework I can automatically categorize her into—a habit which is probably treated in her workshop—and the search result comes out: authentic. I am exhilarated and exhausted at the same time. I have used that word on numerous occasions, but now they all seem fake (indeed, some were). Something tells me that I am using “authentic” correctly for the first time.

She shares her insights on why we are so confused about sexuality, how our energy runs through our body, and what it means to be a man/woman. Her words are handed to us gently, but they penetrate right through our mental walls. It is as if she is throwing marbles of wisdom into our soul’s dry well. I hear the clicking sound all the time.

To get more glimpses of her insights, I listen to her podcasts including this interview she did with a so-called dating guru. Using the same relaxed tone, she nails audience questions (and the guru) as in this one:

Q: What do you make of men who constantly get friend-boxed?

Sasha: They’re too needy, or seeming to be too needy, which is usually about the same. Where they have started, a lot of these men have unresolved issues with their mother. When a little boy wants to get approval from his mother, he tends to do things to please her, undermining his manhood, just to make sure that his mom says “Oh, you’re a good boy.” So what a lot of these men would be doing is relating with women in the same dynamic.

Truth hurts. But it’s a medicine—or even an operation—the patient has neglected for a long time. It’s time to “take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

P.S. A friend’s comment reminds me that the whole affair is more about invigoration than investigation. So here is an uplifting message from Sasha’s Youtube channel, which contains more gems.

This is your life, and your life is going to be a direct reflection of what goes on internally. So as long as you are creating some kind of blocks for you, as long as you are feeling insecure about what other people think, your life is going to have blocks externally. So you know, sometimes I work with men and it’s like, it could be something where you get rid of blocks in the physical level, and all of a sudden they get a promotion at work. And they are like, “How do those two connect?” But they do. You could just imagine if it’s difficult for you to grasp the concept but your whole reality externally is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside.

P.P.S. She is coming to Taiwan on November.