The alarm clock is ringing

I have been on a hiatus from blogging for the past three months. There are (sort-of valid) excuses.

  • Changed my job.
  • Changed where I live.
  • Changed my philosophical belief. (More about this in the future posts)

But the biggest reasons are my laziness and fear. When these two are mixed together, a sense of relaxation appeared: making me believe that I could take time off from writing without losing the writing direction. I made these mistakes.

Slack off a bit during the transition, you can pick up what you left whenever you want.

Of course I completely wiped off this simple truth from my mind: Our life changes us. Or, to be more exact, nothing stays the same. The idea of storing a project in a safe box and return some months later to recoup it is plain wrong. Not morally wrong, but factually wrong.

Stay away from writing during a transition period – we don't have time for writing.

What I should have done is to shift my gears: speed down, incorporate my life's changes into my writing, observe what is going on – if 80% of the struggles during writing are about finding out good topics, the transition period of one's life should be a gold mine. Why not exploiting it? Why wait until our life "stabilizes," only to face the tidy but barren field of imagination?

It is all about you. You decide what to do.

I recently received warm letters from my readers, asking if I was still alive. I knew they weren't saying it out of courtesy: Some people did miss my writings. It made my extremely humble: It wasn't just about me anymore.

So I am going to shift into gear one and start walking again. It should be a weekly stuff at the beginning, and I will see how things go. This starting post is a private letter to dear readers and friends of mine who taught me to break out of my shell.


Thank you Heidi, Sadya.