[ Video ] Michael Schenker Group: Dancer

The “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Scorpions was not the only German rock group in the 80s. Michael Schenker, the younger brother of Scorpions’ guitarist Rudolph Schenker, was, with his Michael Schenker Group (MSG), more popular than the Scorpions in Japan. This may be more  evidence that everybody is a “brother” in the world of rock. Although touted as a god by guitar kids, Michael Schenker knew he wouldn’t reach the heights by appealing to just core fans. In 1982 he attempted to break into the mainstream by hiring ex-Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet and featuring a pseudo-pop song. (The singer in the video is not the original singer Graham Bonnet, who was fired after getting drunk on stage and performing a shouting match with the audience.) Staple song: Anytime (never heard of it? It’s okay.)