[ Video ] Asia: Go

I know you have been waiting for this moment. John Wetton, who has gone through many progressive rock bands such as King Crimson and Roxy Music, became disillusioned by the limited commercial appeal in his musical field and decided to make money and become a pop star. Also I guess the total lack of appeal to females might have helped: have you heard of any woman who listens to Rush? He called together fellow we-want-fame-progressive rockers Steve Howe and Carl Palmer, focused on the group’s logo to hide their age and non-photogenic looks, and labeled themselves as a “supergroup” which exactly scared girls away and invited geeks and virgins (male). By the time their third album, Astra (which included the featured song), came out, they tried to re-educate themselves and their fans by wearing Miami Vice fashion (white suits + tees) but it was a tad too late.