[ Video ] Don Henley: Talking to the Moon

Don Henley and Glenn Frey were the two Eagles who remained famousbeyond the 1970s. (We can argue that Joe Walsh had the highest ambition by trying to become the President of the United States.) Don Henley’s first solo album, I Can’t Stand Still (1982), was a little-known effort backed by his friends, including J.D. Souther and Bob Seger. Just as his old peer Glenn Frey built his solo resume on a niche (soundtrack hits), Don Henley made himself famous with adult ballads such as Boys of Summer and The End of the Innocence. Talking to the Moon was never released as a single, but we can clearly hear the dots that lead to his later hits. Staple song: Boys of Summer (again, literal version. I cannot seem to finish an introduction without inserting at least one mockery.) P.S. Youtube deleted the original video due to “copyright infringement” so I am putting up the Live version. If there are more guns in the US than the number of people who live there, someone please grab the redundant guns and shoot the lawyers.