How to get over remaking the remake

The planned Spider-man4 was officially axed, together with the original director Sam Raimi and THE Spider-man, Tobey Maguire. They say it was because Sam Raimi, the original director, refused to use a villain that the studio wanted.

Honestly, who cares? If they can put a nerdy scientist wearing a green goblin mask standing on a flying saucer as a super-villain, you can do anything with any material. The audience have long accepted Spider-man's campiness. Besides, it's Sam Raimi–have some respect.

Worst of all, they are going to "reboot" the franchise with cheaper director and casting. It is getting ugly. If we want to know where this ultimately goes, take a look at the history of Friday the 13th series. In a sense, it is scarier than most of its films.

  1. Friday the 13th: The mom is the killer.
  2. Friday the 13th, Part II-VII: We didn't use her son. Let him kill more. And more. (x 5)
  3. Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Used up all ideas? Let him walk Manhattan.
  4. Friday the 13th, Part IX: Or go to hell.
  5. Friday the 13th, Part X: Or space.
  6. Freddy vs. Jason: No, it is not over. Combine him with Freddie Cruger.
  7. Friday the 13th: Reboot.
  8. Sequel has to be made, right?

What should they do instead? Look up to our hero, Clint Eastwood. List his last several movies and it becomes clear. He keeps pushing the envelope, embarking on new challenge. There is no sequel, no reboot, not even a remake. And take a look at their background; none of the movies plays the game safely.

  • Mystic river: Three childhood friends grow up and kill each other. And it is not a horror movie.
  • Million dollar baby: The coach helps his protegee commit suicide.
  • Flags of our fathers: De-glorifies one of the war legends. Hello, Spielberg?
  • Letters from Iwo Jima: A Japanese-spoken film shot with Japanese crew and actors.
  • Changeling: Hmm…this one plays it safe. It's fine once in a while.
  • Gran Torino: Semi-pro Asian actors + a story of dying generation + a dying community (Detroit).
  • Invictus: Based in South Africa (where is it?) + rugby, a sports unknown in the American continent.

Everybody should look up to Clint Eastwood, and make films like he does. This guy is still the man, at the age of 80.