Rediscovering blog identity

The seasonal identity crisis has arrived. This blog used to be called "Free Random Thoughts: melting technology and communication in the Asian pot." Now it is "Interestingness Rediscovered: missing angles in our familiar view." The following describes why so.

I always thought I had no consistency in the blog topic I chose. In the 30 days prior to the title change I wrote about being freelance, Powerpoint as ebooks format, overrated value of stuff, making viral online video, our shortening attention, editing in the 2010s, what iPad means, online notepad, Google Buzz, and quoting.

They are loosely connected by two keywords: technology and communication, as was stated in the blog's old description: melting technology and communication in the Asian pot.

It is actually a cop-out statement. Communicating is what makes us who we are, and technology helps us do so. Plus I happen to be in Asia (Taipei). Therefore the description is no different than "everything about a person living in Asia." Which is nothing, considering there are billions of people living in territories defined as part of Asia. The title "Free random thoughts" doesn't say anything either; all our thoughts are random, in a sense.

In short, I picked the blog title and description because I didn't know what my blog was about.

But during waves of soul-searching(which get surfing-high after a long meeting, missed lottery, or fewer marbles than usual in a pack of M&Ms), I started seeing there is a pattern in topics I choose. They are about finding a fact or truth that are not paid attention to.

It's not necessary about presenting a unique opinion, though it might be so as a result.  It's also not about catching up with the latest trend, though it might be timely. It's about finding out a missing angle when seeing familiar (in other words, tired) issues in our life.

For example, this entry itself is about an obvious point being missed when naming a blog: this blog's old title showed who I was, whereas a blog title should always describe what the blog is about. Period.

Mission Statement

My ultimate goal is to shout "It's an elephant!" in the well-known story of a group of blind men touching an elephant:

Each one touches a different part, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then compare notes on what they felt, and learn they are in complete disagreement.

 …But more likely than not, I might be one of those blind men. At least I hope I am presenting a partial truth about that elephant.