Migrating to my other blog

I will continue blogging, but on another platform: Free the Random Thoughts.

I have been running the two blogs in parallel with different themes:

  • This blog: Technical Commuication
  • The other blog: Life in Taipei + personal interests

At first it looked like the two could safely co-exist. But then I realized most of my interests are concentrated in either technology or communication (including miscommunication). The difference between the two blogs quickly became blurry.

Despite being a technical writer for several years, I haven’t much thought about blogging on technical communication area, until I had started this blog. Probably it was because of my fixed idea that writing about one’s job is boring. But talking about one’s job (boring, end of discussion) and writing about it are two different issues and I have found the latter to be highly fulfilling, both for myself and hopefully my readers.

Since I spend at least eight hours during weekdays doing or thinking technical communication-related stuff, I found that my personal life (= life outside my workplace) already revolved around the big two concept: technology and communication. I decided to shift my blogging to more technical communication oriented style.

Also, I found that writing at the intersection of two seemingly separated concept (such as advertisement and technology) is more interesting than sticking inside one. I decided to fuse my interest under one umbrella topic (technical communication in Asia) to see what chemical reaction will occur in my blog.

Then why move to the other blog, not the other way around? The simple answer is that the other blog has been running for years with a small but (hopefully) growing number of readers. As a blogger, I am also interested in establishing my personal branding, if that is possible.

I would like to express sincere gratitude to people who have been reading this blog. Like I mentioned above, the blogging continues and will even be enhanced, adding a twist of cultural (mis)understanding and more humor, if possible.

All existing content in this blog will remain as they are. From now on, see you at Free the Random Thoughts.