You should at least pretend to be genuine


This is a photo of a NT$130 (US$4) tea in a coffee shop, proudly representing the global brand, Lipton Yellow Label Tea. Doesn't that increase the customer experience? It magically brings us back the memories of our beloved office water cooler, as if saying that we can hide but we can never escape.

We're not expecting a homebrewed tea or Wedgwood mug, and certainly most of us cannot tell the difference between teabag and canned tea, but this is too much. It is like hearing the microwave sound right before the meal is going to be served.

In order to justify this teabag, the coffee shop should at least redefine their business model as a rental personal office space for US$4 @ 2hrs with complementary power sockets (they do not), which really is the business model of Starbucks. And they charge less than US$4 for a tea(bag) that has a homebrew brand.