Profile: Mario brothers 1/2

New Super Mario Brothers Wii (be ware of BGM) has come out this Sunday. The latest reincarnation of bread-and-butter revenue source for Nintendo has nearly 30 years of history, if we count Donkey Kong as the beginning.

Who are Mario and Luigi, anyway?


  • The world's most famous plumber
  • Made out with a princess and her seven assistants in a single adventure (legend has it that he did it also within a single day)


  • The world's second most famous plumber
    Pop quiz: name the person who:
    – Landed on the moon
    – Crossed the Atlantic ocean
    – Reached the South pole
    for the second time.
  • Still a virgin

…Luigi is even worse than Art Garfunkel, John Oates, or the other Wham!