Procrastination is bad, isn’t it?

Recently I had been running late for my school assignment. It was a big one: to create a Google site on a topic I chose (online trainings) in a month. The website was supposed to evolve gradually during that period of time, mellowing nicely.

We all know how it ended. 28 days later I was terrified in guilt, shame, and regret for doing almost nothing. Their cause was shallow but those emotions were deep. It was a much better experience than watching the movie version.

The biggest fear was that (1) I could not create a complicated structure using free Google site and (2) I cannot muster detailed graphical design. Both were true, but my mistake was focusing on the perfect result. Had I visualized a simple website with acceptable graphics and content, I could have saved myself from being frozen.

I finally lifted my wimpy ass and found out (1) Embedding presentation using Google presentation was so easy – they are offered from the same company and thus are designed to work together (unlike offerings from You-know-Who) (2) I wanted to make the site as simple as possible, thus I didn't need any elaborate design after all.

Once these points become clear, I was immediately relaxed. I even started to think about what I can do with all these possibilities. (The "perfect result", again)

Maybe all these cycles has all to do with my personaity: INFP, "dreamer" according to Myers-Briggs personality type indicator.

I dreamed about falling into a pitfall by missing the deadline, and at the same time I dreamed about creating a masterpiece. Both, by the way, occurred without having any concrete sense of how or when the actual website is built. All in my head.

I will be digging more into the personality type aspects later, but Myers-Briggs works. Maybe I am self-fulfilling the given type indicators, but

P.S. The coffee shop I was in started to zing a new song. Great, finally the days of Air Supply are gone! …And welcome, Luka (Suzanne Vega). Are we going to be eternally trapped in the 80s? Probably for most people under 30, they are "oldies". But for me, It's Too Real, sung by Belinda Carlisle (again, 80s).

P.P.S. This is the 28 Days Later opening scene. It gets worse after the extended opening scene, so if you haven't seen it, watch the first 10 minutes and send the DVD back. You are going to miss most of the movie, but at least you are missing a potential masterpiece.