Billy the goat

This topic was originally posted in Tomohiro Machiyama's blog (a fantastic collection of movie news and Tarantino-esque cult movie podcasts…only in Japanese)

I secretly take pride in Japan's adult entertainment industry. Whenever someone mentions buzzwords originated from Japan (bukkake and moe to name just a few) I cannot help being amused — is there any other country which exports cars, digital cameras, Mario, Hello Kitty, and bukkake at the same time? (Of course I have learned to add courteous frowning (still laughing) – part of my effort to blend into local culture.)

But the era of Japanese supremacy (adult entertainment) has come to an end, at least to me. Because of Billy the Goat – and Lovin' Lamb – (NSFW). Holy cow goat, that is so awesome I want to visit Tennessee just to use see them. After 60+ years, we lost. Again.

Mr. Machiyama discovered them in an adult shop in the so-called Bible belt area. Looks like the evangelical church organization did not like it, so they built a gigantic cross to (I guess) counterattack the adult industry by the power of the holy. This is getting interesting.