Why manhole covers are square?

Legend has it that evil Microsoft's evil boss, Steve Ballmer, once thought up this question while he was jogging with his bodyguards henchmen junior staffs. (why are psychopaths corporate executives always lonely and needy?)

Q: Why manhole covers are round?

A: To make it safe for plumbers and construction workers.

Is it so? Oracle 2 says yes, it is. I doubt it — we all know Wikipedia is a playground for Big Brothers whose favorite activities is to replace journalistic articles with corporate jingles. I believe this is the real answer.

 "because manholes are round."

I did a mini-research while waiting for the swarms of motorcycles to go by (somebody with a mosquito net?) in an intersection. The city of Taipei disagrees with Oracle 2.



So is that it? No more rounds…oops, there is one. You've got another company, Ballmer.