The story of Rock-Mei


Anna Sui shows off their latest lineup, a flagrant (I guess) inspired by rock music, especially girls rock. On the surface everything works seamlessly — what can go wrong about producing a series of cosmetics 'inspired' by popular culture? But alas, the devil is always in the details: what kind of a rock artist is she?

  • Red electric guitar: 80s hard rock?
  • Roses: Glam rock?
  • Mirror balls: Disco?
  • The non-square DVD jacket: Post-2000?
  • The girl in the jacket: we need a close-up…


Hi, Rock-Mei. (Rock-Me vs. Rock-美[beauty in Chinese]) You wear a heavy-metallic leather jacket, more shiny badges than Michael Jackson, hairstyle of Roxette, and a fashion model makeup.

What about the record? Another close-up:

Wow, John Denver!

Therefore, this 'rock artist' is: a girl with fashion-model makeup and pseudo-metal costume spicing herself up with disco/glam flavor, singing John Denver (Song of Wyoming) while playing an electric guitar.

Sounds very real. Maybe she is the new hotshot in Russia's underground rock circuit or Japanese anime series about a university student enjoying her secret identity as a celebrity.

Bonus: Rock Me by Great White, one of the 1980s hair bands. Their visual appearance is at a competitive level with Ms. Rock-Mei. The song is great.