Technical Writer — the 28th best job in America

CNNMoney has updated The Best Jobs in America annual survey for 2009. Technical Writer is in the list at 28th.

I find this article very interesting: if we pretend we know nothing about technical communication and judge Technical Writer as a career option solely from this study, the logical conclusion might be “rock-solid” at best, “bored to death” at worst.

All parameters in “Quality of Life Rating” show grade B, the annual salary range sits comfortably between $50,000 and $100,000, and even the overall position in the list – 28th out of 50 – walk the middle of the road.

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)‘s slogan is “The edge in knowledge” but at least in Technical Communication, this study implies there is no edge at all: it says we are the nuggets, air hockeies, Wii Fit of science and technology…enough.

Of course I personally find technical communciation a very edgy field, waking up every most mornings with excitement as being a technical writer smile

Oddly I do not feel much stress doing this job, probably because whenever I feel stressful, I remember my previous job as an FAE, enduring being yelled at customers’ site and sleeping at odd hours.