PR = Professional Relationship

Flipnote studio is a free add-on to Nintendo DSi where you can create mini-animations on the spot (virtual flipnotes). One more reason not to get any more closer to DSi… It is going to suck millions of hours and dollars out of our private life (or even professional life). According to the official website, the Youtube of Flipnote studio, as of Sep28 close to 2 million animations were updated for viewing. The invasion has already begun.

Nintendo UK is collaborating with Aardman, the animation studio behind Wallace & Gromit to promote it even further. 12 flipnotes will be created by their top animator, one per week, up until Christmas. It can't be possible…seriously, are they going to show the knit-loving puppy and his old pal once a week?

This is their first work. Hmm…I must admit I was disappointed a bit, but it is the first week, right? They must have something up their sleeve. Let's give them some time in respect for their wonderful creations.

This is their second work, which came out this week.

Did they just snatch whatever axxload of money they got and then threw the job to one of their underpaid, under-motivated staffs? Seriously, what was that? To be fair, we are not expecting something like this. After all, it is just a marketing campaign…

…But they could have done something comparable with this (which was not created by a 'professional' studio).  * Note: the video generates sound.