Daily fortune telling or gambling


Wanna do a quick check on your day's luck in the morning? At any of Taipei's traffic light, watch out for the scooters to come out at the front line (the way they sneak up the way through rows of cars reminds me of worms coming out of grounds always reminds me of Tokoro-ten, a Japanese sweet).

Wait until they have all lined up, and pick the one that is most likely cross the street first.

  • Yes, the motorcycle reached this side first: Go ask the secretary for a date.
  • He didn't make it but wasn't dead end either: It is just another day of your life.
  • Dead last: Your boss is having a bad news with a killer smile on his face.
  • Turned right/left: Is it time to change your career?
  • Crushed by the car: Sing this timeless classic from R.E.M.