A reality show or dollhouse

The "Pure" building appears in nude. It has gone one step forward from the ubiquitous translucent hair salon gimmick and decided to reveal itself and its tenants, completely, to the world. If they were "residents," we would be enjoying a reality show more real than anything we have ever seen.

So many buildings aspire to be cool, but few are as brave as the Pure building. Why don't we mandate transparency against all office buildings? Doesn't observing someone bullied by his boss from across the street add some consolation to our equally tasteless office life?

In a totally unrelated context, here is the film Welcome to the Dollhouse from Todd Solondz. I just needed to test the new video embedding function from Typepad, where you do not have to switch to direct HTML editing to insert a piece of YouTube video. It works, just like the movie itself.