Question of the day

Is the questionnaire suddenly becoming 'it'? Not only Facebook, but also the TypePad (the hosting service of this blog) have been invaded by the "Question of the day" corner.

Q: If you could see any historic baseball player play in person, who would it be? (suggested by this blog)

A: Cal Ripken Jr. They say this "Iron Man" showed up at his workplace (stadium) for more than 2,000 consecutive workdays (games). Even the Japanese couldn't compete with him. Impossible. We are the ones who invented diligence and workaholic. At least we gave them tangible meaning. As for death by overwork? It is patented in Tokyo.

What is the secret behind his strength? Did he bow each day? To the stadium? To his teammates? To the audience? To his wife and kids? To the umpire, followed by an onslaught of curse words because respecting his judgment and protecting his teammates are mutually exclusive (but can coexist)?