Mini-anatomy of Taiwan Mcdonald website

Let’s take a look at the local Mcdonald website: Taiwan.

Here I find two trends that are commonly seen in Taiwanese websites: emphasizing visual appearance and pushing “About us” to the frontline. Asian trend, maybe.

They really pay attention to visual effects as seen in the ‘floating’ effects. Visually stunning, but not too user-friendly: each time we click something, we need to wait for several seconds for the Flash plugin to load the content. Although the overall design emphasizes family-friendliness by using circle as the primary motif, three of the seven ‘stars’ in the home page are dedicated to corporate affairs: About us, Quality assurance, and Social responsiveness. The website might appear ’round’, but inside we find the content more ‘square’ than we might anticipate.

Overall, although the Taiwanese Mcdonald website does contain rich information about its menu and service, it still gives us an impression that it pays more attention to form than content.