La novia del sábado


Taiwan is not exactly the greatest place on earth for buying Spanish books (for reading, not for learning). You can either buy an overpriced imported edition of VOGUE Spain, buy overpriced imported Spanish books for kids, order overpriced imported Spanish books from Amazon US, or do a scavenger hunt in used bookstores (particularly in the 'forgotten' section).

The first option is always available as a last resort (what is the point of having four face cream ads consecutively? They're the same… But looking at the men's world, what is the point of having a magazine dedicated to the latest model from Ferrari? It's not like you can buy it, can you?), the second option is locally available but way too few books are sold, the third option takes time (and money), so the fourth option comes as our hero.

La novia del sábado – Saturday's girlfriend – was sold at a mere NT$40 (US$1.2). It is a steal. The book is not difficult, too. (1) the cover picture is revealing probably 95% of the story (2) snippet: ¡Por favor, que no sea verdad! (No, this can't be real!) (3) 150 pages long – finishing a short book is a huge confidence boost for an insecure learner. My Spanish teacher warned me that reading this book might have negative impact on my Spanish learning curve; who cares, no one can beat $1.2 and ¡Por favor, que no sea verdad!.

P.S. As a defense, I am by no means trying to make fun of Harlequin romances. Too late, but still.

P.P.S. To be fair, Taiwanese bookstores also sell an overpriced imported edition of GQ Spain so we're even.