Is motion control the future of gaming?

Microsoft will have Natal, Sony almost has a flashy dixdo Wand, and Nintendo has been fooling around with Wii Remote for years.

They say what Microsoft will offer is the future. Spielberg said "It's not about reinventing the wheel, it's about no wheel at all." Minority Report, at last. (But if that means the advertisers beam their marketing pitches directly into my eyes, I don't want it. Sorry)

Somehow I felt uneasy about "no-controller controlling" but couldn't exactly put my fingers on it. But it is getting clearer. The point is, without some kind of tangible feedback, virtual reality won't be that fun. I believe that is the reason why countless pseudo-reality technologies have been failing, and also the reason why Nintendo could pull it off. Wii Remote not only gives users a gripping feeling, it also generates sound and rumbles.

Some other points..

  • If 'body movement' and 'no-control control' is what we really want, why aren't we turning the lights on or off by shouting 'Light!' or clapping our hands? It is already possible, isn't it?
  • This article summarizes the feeling of "gamers" pretty well. In short, many of us will keep loving the traditional controllers. There is a reason why people kept that habit for decades.
  • Bonus: Can we do full body motion in our crummy apartments in Asia? Wii did sold millions of console, but shaking our arms and kicking in Kung-Fu style are different things…

We might be seeing lots of videos like this if Microsoft really brings Natal to us.

Some more videos showing the background stories… ( I don't own a gaming console – the best way to avoid turning myself into an addict)

Natal Demo

Sony wand demo

Minority Report hand movement

Minority Report advertising