Certification is everything

There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of juice stands in Taipei, but not many of them proudly offer a certification logo from an established testing facilities.

TÜV Rheinland. Germany's No.1 testing company. Isn't that already awesome? My culturally-biased understanding is they make stuff that does not require testing at all. To survive in that environment, the testing procedure must be even more rigorous.

As in any case, the reality shows a different picture. Back when I was in Japan I briefly worked as a testing engineer. One day I had a chance to work with their Japan office. They took two hours lunch break, invited outsiders (me) to company picnics of which less than 20% of the people were from TÜV (but everybody was drunk), and enjoyed their job. I befriended a director who hand-carried his bike's replacement frame, ultra-expensive carbon-fiber French model, from the testing facility in Thailand. "We test a lot of things" he jokingly declared. Of course, the testing was perfect, he added.

They never did a sloppy job and as a result always kept professional attitude and excellent business reputation. The whole experience did change my cultural bias against Germany. Of course, in a good way. At that time I was shocked to realize the Germans enjoy life much more than the Japanese. We are alone in this world. Or it appeared so.

This certificate therefore makes me wonder: how many cups of 珍珠奶茶 did they have before (or after) authorizing this certificate? Like, 300?