Bonsai apartment


Designer's' apartments are popping up in Taipei, slowly replacing the good-old five-stories (plus one rooftop floor for illegally built penthouses) gray concrete cubes that have supported the Taipei citizen's life for thirty years or so.

We have one such example here. The concept is inspired by Bonsai, as everything is miniature. Miniature bamboo forest, miniature spring, miniature wall, miniature fish pond, and…miniature gate. What is the point of having a "gate" here? The miniature wall is actively encouraging people to jump over it for a small exercise (and a good amount of thrill – the stride needs to be big enough to cross over the fish pond). And what if the residents lost the gate's key but still insisted on opening it? Just lean over and unlock the latch from the inside.

Anyhow, despite being miniature, having a complete set of items must be important from an aesthetic point of view. The real question is, are the actual rooms as miniature as the entrance? Even better, what about the residents?