Mega x 3 Mac


Invincible taste, that is what they say about these two Mega-Mega-Macs. I am not sure about the taste, because it should be the same with any other burgers in Macdonald's (that's what fast-food is for), but I do think it it an innovative product. Inserting FOUR pieces of meat into a single hamburger? That is a new concept.

It was only five years ago that Morgan Spurlock successfully made Macdonald's aware of the negative publicity impact * their ultra-size combo was making, which led to them abolishing the Super-Size option from the menu. By eating nothing but Macdonald's set menu for 30 days, in exchange for turning his liver into foie gras **, he made a hat-trick: a breakthrough recognition, successful campaign, and a very entertaining film.

But our habits die hard. The revenge of Mega-Mac has started with a loud noise. Add a French fries and a Coke, we pay NT$135, which is roughly US$4. That is about the same price as the Venti latte at Starbucks. A humongous size of meal with a price of a cup of coffee! If we go back in time for 30 years and show this image to ourselves, they should conclude the only logical answer to this ad is April Fool's day.

* I am not sure if the documentary raised public awareness, because the ratio of people (including us) say they watch documentaries vs. people who actually watch them must be close to 100:1 or something. Or maybe the "rumor" worked just fine. We don't need many people to try out the information source firsthand.

** Rumor has it that Spurlock ate more than his share (three times per day at Macdonald's + choose Super-Size whenever offered) to exaggerate his deteriorating health and sex drive.