Tree power


The roots of a tree invading the steel plate – pretty common, but looking at it makes me wonder about the 'fragile earth' concept: we need to be environmentally friendly to protect this sensitive planet. I totally agree that we should not exploit our environment, if only for keeping giant Panda alive. They are so adorably stupid, lazy, and peaceful. There should be some room for such a creature to exist – we don't always need to be strong, smart, ruthless…I just want to believe being a lazy ass have a good reason on its own. It worked for the Panda, didn't it? Isn't that why they are alive today?

Back to the topic. We might be aware of how fragile our world is, but we might not be aware of how strong it actually is. The apocalyptic world described in movies and novels always shows barren earth, but if the world really falls apart, we might actually have grass fields and occasional forests instead of concrete ruins and desert.