Toy wars


The new toy Transformers robots are displayed in a huge set. The set is supposedly imitating the climax scene in the real movie, to be released in a month or so.
Tie-ins between movies and toys are part of our lives, but they were supposed to be confined in tiny plastic cases in McDonald's or KFC's, packaged as a gift set for kids. This one is different not only because it is large, but it also reveals the plots before the movie opens.
The good robots and bad robots (they have fancy names, but never mind) fight against each other in the end….around the pyramids! Surprise! There is an ancient secret buried under the ruins, a key to the survival of human race! I made up the last one but it wouldn't be far off the script.
Anyhow, movie tie-ins are evolving. More details, larger size, and you-know-the-story-before-watching-the-movie-but-no-problem. This set reveals how many robots are there and where they fight, at the end of the movie. Add the fact that the good always win. Why watch this movie? But we all do, and curse afterward.


Someone is going to wear this, I suppose. Either they made a Halloween costume five months earlier or … could be the serial killer's mask in the next horror movie franchise.