From a gentleman named Peter Wiredu came a Skype chat out of the blue:

i mean as i am talking to you i am in position of 12millon dollars, which my elder brother deposited in a safekeeping company here in Accra Ghana we contacting you assist us searing the fund out from the safekeeping company to your country for our investment in Japan

Days of receiving investment emails are gone. Welcome to the 21st century – they have learned that in order to gain customers' trust, they need to spend something valuable first, which is time. Someone out there actually spent time punching these comments into Skype manually. I know because Mr. Wiredu (or Wierdu?) corrected the last word, my country, from the original China to Japan in real time. Impressive.

So hereby I reply to Mr.Wierdu, to return your favor. It is very possible that I maybe interested in hearing the follow-up to your story.

Peter Wireduというお方からSkypeメッセージが届きました。原文は英語で。