Card sensor in Taipei MRT


Taipei MRT (meto system) is one of the most efficient, user-friendly, and reasonable public communication system I have ever experienced. Almost any item inside this system has a trace of deep consideration and user-friendliness.
One of the examples of greatness is immediately available at the entrance: the ticket sensor. Placed just at the height of adult wrists, neatly facing the customers, this sensor not only shows people where they should put their (tickets) on but also lets them do that smoothly, as they walk along.
As a result I seldom see a long line formed in front of the MRT entrance even in a packed rush hour, only to be surprised by the number of people crushing against each other downstairs. Do lobsters feel this way in their cage at the bottom of the sea? The difference is they have no chance to reapply what they have learned to escape, but we humans are given multiple chances and still fall into the same trap, same surprise.