P1010490So this should be the return of blog entries, which in the past 3 years I have attempted 500 times. Most of them just occurred in my head, a few of them made it to opening my Typepad account page, and finally here it is. We'll see.

A picture a day – it is the SD to USB card adaptor I got, and it says Kamera – I am not sure what message they are attempting to deliver here, but I guess it might be one of the followings:
1. Hybrid between Kodak and Camera
2. It is not Kamera – it is Kanera
3. Destined to be Camera but somehow, as always, 5 people chipped in their opinions about the shape of this logo (perhaps why the a and m should be connected), and somehow, the K slipped in without being detected. It happens.

1. KodakとCameraをくっつけてみた
2. 実はKameraではなく、Kaneraが正解
3. ロゴのデザインをする際に多分5人くらいの人間が口を出し(稟議決済もかねて)、その経過途中でKの頭文字が「混入」した。よくある話です