…is the evil company behind all the conspiracies in the Alien series.
The "Yutani" part refers to a supposedly American Japanese, John Yutani.
But where are the Japanese sign?

  • In Alien, the magazine that gets shoved into Sigourney Weaver’s mouth by Iam Holm is a Japanese tabloid magazine, Heibon Punch.
  • In Alien3, the spaceship at the beginning of the movie shows some Chinese characters (numbers).

Ridley Scott follows up with more Japanese reference in the Blade Runner, tries again with the Black Rain and reportedly got sick of the beaurocracy involved with the Japanese government and decided never to film in Japan. Which was good, because the non-dystopia part in Black Rain was filled with misunderstandings and superstitions.

  • Japanese yakuza boss speaks English fluently.
  • Japanese cop draws caligraphy while is off-duty.
  • Japanese roads were filled with bicycles. Hmm.
  • Japanese yakuza rides motorcycles with a Japanese sword in the other hand.