Inflation wave is coming

I used to think that inflation, deflation, and all other economical jargons are created to feed jobs for the huge industry trying to analyze, consult, debate the basic human activities – make money, get food, go for a vacation in Bermuda.
Suddenly the long-forgotten word "inflation" is creeping up my sleeve. Why? Because the newspapers are awash with the oil peak and price surge in China? No. It is because:

  • My favorite beef noodle restaurant stopped offering the noodle set (20% discount).
  • The size of the milk tea in my breakfast menu became smaller.
  • Taxi drivers started lamenting why they are going to die within a month due to slow business (they used to lament about the lack of hope in their life).

The economists at least did one remarkable job. They gave a keyword, inflation, to this frightening phenomenon, which gives us a masochistic assurance – don’t worry, it’s all about inflation. Wow! it really opened my eyes!
I don’t care how the housing prices or stock market go up and down because most of the "victims" were in that party to play a high-risk game. They might be losers, but they did it on their own choice.
But the food price? Excuse me, I want out!
Jim Rogers might be chuckling at around the dark corner. I told you so.