Generation gap

Going through the ritual Redditting, I stumbled upon this rant.
It is long, but I quote anyway. One of the greatest piece written about the have’s and have-not’s.

As 33 year old with a high IQ and no future, I just want to thank the baby boomers for totally and completely fucking over what could have been the greatest country ever. The whole time I was growing up no one ever said anything about oil. No one ever said anything about foreign manufacturing. No one ever said anything about non-linear population growth. No one ever said anything about Topsoil. No one ever said anything about illegal aliens. No one ever said anything about preparation for anything that might come our way. No, the sad truth is that the boomers grew up in unprecedented wealth and security and blissfully burned more oil, energy, topsoil and whatever else you can regretfully burn than any generation since the beginning of known history. These are the assholes who told us to “get good grades” and everything will be awesome. Guess what dad, no amount of straight A’s are going to help when the shit hits the fan. You just enjoy your retirement in the million dollar piece of shit house you own. And when the illegal aliens and poor white trash are tearing this country a new one in the next civil war, you just pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that you were a great parent.

I had a vague expectation that the United States stays generation-resentment free compared to my home country Japan (there is not even a resentment – the whole atmosphere has been degraded into an apathy, disillusioned state. You grow up resenting your over-suppressing dad hoping one day you’ll get revenge. 20 years later you realize you dad is bed-ridden in a nurse home, playing the victim role 24 hours a day, and sucking up all the pensions, including your contribution, to the grave).
Living in Taiwan, I slowly started to realize this suppressed anger, this fundamental hopelessness, have been shared by everybody, regardless of their regions, maybe except for coastal China and India middle class.
So far I have welcomed this reality, which on the positive side forces one to be independent, but probably because I spent the bulk of my childhood in the 70s and 80s. I know what it means not to worry about the future, food, and happiness. I tasted them more than enough,  knew the pros and cons of "protected" life, and got out of it on my own choice. I was spoiled – took everything for granted – and is now on the way to be a better person.
I seriously have no idea what I would be like if I am under 20 now.